About Us


Associated Renewable is a leading end-to-end, energy management company. We help organizations cut energy costs, reduce energy wastage, meet regulatory requirements and achieve their sustainability goals. We conduct building energy audits, install new energy-efficient equipment, supply electricity, natural gas & renewable energy and provide innovative retrofit funding & financing options. Our efforts help to mitigate heightened global energy concerns as well as, guide businesses, government agencies, and other organizations towards a more energy efficient, sustainable and cost-effective future.



The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that residential, commercial, and public buildings account for 30 to 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption. Associated Renewable helps organizations proactively lower energy consumption and operating costs significantly.



Associated Renewable caters to thousands of clients in a wide range of industries to support their energy goals. From Fortune 500 firms to small companies alike, our clients rely on our expertise to meet unique and challenging energy, environmental and business goals.



I.    Energy Efficiency

II.   Energy Supply

III.  Renewable Energy

IV.  Retrofit Funding & Financing



The greatest barrier to improving energy efficiency and implementing energy retrofit projects is the high capital costs. Associated Renewable eliminates these financial obstacles by offering innovative funding & financing methods that do not require large up-front capital investments.



Our experienced teams provide us with the capability and flexibility to determine the combination of energy measures that is best suited to achieve our clients' energy efficiency, energy supply, renewable energy and sustainability goals, both locally and globally.



We deploy teams with extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise to match the complexity of energy challenges our clients face. While we provide advisory services—on the most critical issues impacting many of the world’s organizations—we are not just an energy management solutions firm. We help our clients build their own capabilities for lasting sustainable results.



Our commitment to social engagement is in our roots and was a core part to the formation of the company. Our social mission mirrors our corporate mission: “In helping our clients reduce their energy costs and meet regulatory requirements, our efforts will also help combat the global energy crisis whilst reducing pollution and carbon emissions.”



We believe our solutions will not only have a positive eco-impact on the way business is carried out worldwide, but also provide significant returns on investment and  build resource-efficient communities by combining Environmental, Economic and Social elements of a strong "triple bottom line".



Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our history, reflected in our practices and communicated through our goal to continuously expand our horizons in the global energy sector.