Certified Energy Auditor

Local Law 87 requires audits through Certified Energy Auditors

New York City’s Local Law 87 requires that energy audits and retro-commissioning be conducted by independent, certified energy auditors and retro-commissioning agents. Independence in this context refers to auditors that are not employed by or part of the building’s staff. Certified energy auditors have professional technical expertise to conduct energy analysis and may hold additional certifications such as the CEM (Certified Energy Manager) from the Association of Engineers, CEA (Certified Energy Analyst), CPE (Certified Plant Engineers) from the Association of Plant Engineers, BOC (Building Operator Certification) from the Building Operator Certification Program and any other certifications relevant to energy analysis.

Roles of Certified Energy Auditors

Certified energy auditors are experienced in all aspects of energy auditing including pre-audit work, data collection from site visits, deployment of data logging equipment, data analysis using building simulation software, quantitative modeling of energy data and utility analysis. In addition to conducting energy engineering analysis, Certified Energy Auditors are qualified to conduct economic analysis of all energy conservation measures identified during the audit and prioritize them for client in a detailed energy audit report.

The role of a Certified Energy Auditor encompasses all technical, informational and financial aspects of a comprehensive energy audit including inspecting or evaluating building envelopes, mechanical and electrical systems, or set points & controls, calculating energy saving potentials for each ECM, recommend energy-efficient technologies, gather and analyze field data, quantify energy consumption to establish baseline energy usage and proposing financing alternatives for the proposed ECMs.

Our Process

The Energy Solutions team at Associated Renewable consists of professionally-qualified experts, certified energy auditors, energy managers and energy analysts that conduct whole-building audits to identify target areas for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs. Contact us to determine how you can reduce your facility’s costs through a comprehensive energy audit, while complying with Local Law 87 requirements.