Level 3 Energy Audit

A Level III

audit is much more detailed than a level II energy survey and analysis, but the scope of a level III audit is dependent on the findings of the level II audit. A level III technical study provides a granular analysis of a building’s energy inputs and outputs. It uses long-term energy data collected to pinpoint operational opportunities, sensor adjustments, setpoint adjustments and calibration opportunities for all equipment-related ECMs.

As part of the level III audit, data logging equipment will be used to record building metrics such as  temperature, humidity, air flow as well as the hours of operation of building base systems and equipment.  Once the data is input into the appropriate systems to analyze energy-usage patterns, it will result in identification of complex energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in addition to those identified in a Level II audit. Cost savings from EEMs will also be determined using computer simulation. The difference in complexity in EEMs generated through a Level III project is that this level takes into account the human interaction with the building’s energy-using systems and interaction between energy efficiency measures and large financial investments. In addition, the ECMs will be assessed singularly and collectively to determine their dynamic effect on building operating conditions.

The ASHRAE Level III audit involves a more detailed data collection process over a period of months and utilizes data logging equipment to monitor the operation of lighting sensors, pumps and motors, lighting levels, temperatures and tenant behavior. The data is then used to calibrate computer models that can be simulated under different occupancy conditions and inputs. By simulating a year or more of past, climatic conditions into the model, it can be checked for accuracy to make sure the calibration mirrors the actual energy usage in the buildings. By combining the simulation analysis with investment-grade cost analysis, we can provide property managers and owners with a holistic whole-building energy analysis.

At Associated Renewable, our Energy Solutions team performs a well-rounded energy audit and secures all applicable incentives for customers. We provide Level II and III energy audits to help property managers and owners comply with Local Law 87, while ensuring a valuable rate of return for their energy efficiency projects.

The highlights of a Level III Audit are summarized below:

  • High level modeling of EEMs and building operations
  • Whole-building modeling calibrated with real data from the site
  • Granular study of energy end use
  • Investment-grade financial analysis (including simple payback)
  • Data logging
  • Analysis of capital-intensive ECMs

To learn how a Level III audit is different from a Level II audit, please visit the section on Level II vs. Level III audits.