Local Law 87/09 Compliance Reminder

What is the Local Law 87/09 Compliance Reminder?

The Local Law 87/09 Compliance Reminder is a notice issued by the NYC Department of Buildings to owners or managers of all buildings that are required to conduct Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning of major energy-using building systems, as mandated by Local Law 87 of 2009.  The findings of the audit are to be documented in a comprehensive energy efficiency report (EER) that is filed with the City on or before December 31, 2013. Failure to submit reports will result in fines starting at $15,000 for a portfolio of 5 qualifying buildings and will compound every year until the report is filed correctly.

Why are you receiving this Compliance Reminder?

Property owners and managers that received this notice should immediately verify whether any of the buildings owned or managed by them covers at least 50,000 square feet. All such buildings that are equal to or exceed 50,000 sq. ft. are required to engage an independent (not on the staff of your property manager), certified energy auditor and retro-commissioning agent to file the energy efficiency report (EER) for that building(s) after conducting the audit and retro-commissioning.

What is the deadline for compliance with Local Law 87?

Energy efficiency reports must be filed with the Department of Buildings before the end of the year: December 31, 2013. For 2013 only, all owners are allowed to submit their report(s) under 'early compliance', which means they can submit the EER even before their report is due and satisfy their obligation to submit their report for the first year.

What should you do to avoid being fined for non-compliance?

To avoid being fined for non-compliance with Local Law 87, building owners and mnagaers should engage the services of an independent, certified and qualified energy auditing company as well as a retro-commissioning agent. The company will conduct an ASHRAE Level II or Level III audit, retro-commissioning and finally, document the findings in a report that is sumbitted to the City for review. If your building's due year is 2013, you would need to file an application for extension for filing an EER as well as pay the filing fees.  At Associated Renewable, the Energy Solutions team comprises of engineering, finance and technical consulting professionals that are fully qualified to advise you on compliance & help with any extension filings for Local Law 87.

Questions? Contact the Energy Solutions team at (212)-658-0062 or email info@local-law-87.com for a free consultation on Local Law 87 compliance.