Multifamily Housing Energy Audits

Auditing Energy Use in Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily buildings are often the first type of properties to experience the effects of rising energy prices, especially in the form of upward pressure on rents and utility expenses. Low income and affordable housing, often multifamily facilities, are beneficiaries of government incentives that can significantly reduce the cost of their energy efficiency upgrades. Utility incentives for multifamily buildings are available for a range of measures from simple lighting upgrades to highly intensive audits that combine energy savings from retrofitting HVAC systems, electrical systems, the building envelope and other operational improvements.

Associated Renewable’s Energy Efficiency Audit for multifamily housing will examine the building envelope (wall and roof insulation, windows & doors), HVAC distribution system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, controls), common areas (elevator, lobby, stairwells, gym, laundry area, interior courtyard and maintenance rooms), domestic hot water, refrigeration, lighting, gas and electric supply, ancillary systems as well as the solar and renewable energy potential for the building.

Associated Renewable may also request the following information on basic building characteristics prior to our on-site survey of multifamily buildings:

  1. Energy bill data
  2. Building floor plans
  3. Occupancy information
  4. Equipment list
  5. Available mechanical drawings, schedules and plans
  6. Documentation of building controls systems
  7. Copies of tenant sub-meter bills

Energy Reduction Plan (ERP) for Multi-family Housing

Our Energy Solutions team will compile a prioritized list of recommendations suitable for improving the energy performance of multifamily buildings that will be documented in an Energy Reduction Plan (ERP) with the following components:

  • Executive Summary
  • Narrative describing existing conditions, methodology and brief outline of recommendations
  • Economic Analysis of ECMs
  • GHG equivalency calculations (greenhouse gas reductions corresponding to the total gas and electric savings identified)
  • Appendices
  • Fuel bill analysis
  • Source Energy Usage Intensity comparisons
  • Payback period calculations

Associated Renewable will perform an economic assessment, presented as an overview table, of the proposed ECMs using simple paybacks and return on investment as the principal measures of benefits.

Fuel Conversion Feasibility Study for Multifamily Buildings

Associated Renewable will evaluate the feasibility of converting fuels for the heating plant. This will include recommendations for a new modulating gas burner for the existing oil-fired boilers, determining if a gas booster is required for the boilers, determining if a new liner (boiler flue/chimney) is required for the new burners and determining if combustion air requirements are adequate for the new gas burners. We will assist in the request for a new gas service to the utility company to support the increase in gas capacity required by the boilers.

Acquiring Incentives for Multifamily Housing

As a market partner in Lockheed Martin’s incentives program, Associated Renewable has access to over $100 million in grants and other incentives that pay for up to 50% of the cost of a Level 3 energy audit. Consequently, we are able to apply for and acquire incentives for multifamily buildings that have 75 units or more. Our in-house grants specialists will identify applicable incentives for your equipment upgrades, retrofits and system improvements, file applications in a timely manner and acquire the incentive letter on behalf of your properties.

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